P-T14-C1S1EA11 Temperature Pilot


PT14, CI, TRM-MTL, STM, IND-NO, RNG-150-300F, BLB-700-BRZ-10′

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Precise, rapid response, spring operated pilot. The pilot is self contained and connected to main valve by unions. Pilot seat is protected by built-in strainer screens. Pilot is interchangeable on all sizes of main valves. Thermal elements provide a 100°F (38°C) range is temperature adjustment and withstand 100°F (38°C) overheating without damage.  Standard handwheel adjustment for temperature.

Cast Iron
1/4″ Metal Trim
Steam service
Bulb 700
Bronze Tstat Material
10′ length capillary
SKU#: P-T14-C1S1EA11

Data Sheet & T14 IOM