E1200L Constantemp Heater


E1200L Heater

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Leslie Constantemp E1200L low pressure steam water heater, for use on 2-15 psig steam consisting of integrally piped heat exchanger, mounted on a heavy-duty angle iron frame. Heater control package shall be capable of supplying 120 GPM of hot water when heated from 105°F to 180°F without the use of thermostatic control devised or storage tanks. Heater shall be capable of maintaining ± 3°F over a flow range of a few percent to 100%. The water shall flow through the tubes and steam in the shell.

  • Exchanger: Ductile Iron
  • Blending Valve
  • Body: Bronze
  • Plug: Hastalloy
  • Coils: Copper

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